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Illegal Methamphetamines
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The Mission of the Tennessee Methamphetamine and Pharmaceutical Task Force (TMPTF) is to reduce the availability and use of methamphetamine and to prevent the illegal distribution, abuse or unintended use of prescription drugs in Tennessee.  This is accomplished by educating the public about the dangers of these drugs; by providing equipment, training and investigative tools to assist law enforcement authorities in strategically identifying, targeting and prosecuting these drug offenders; by networking with regulatory agencies and healthcare providers; and by protecting the public from the harmful effects of the manufacture and illegal use of these drugs.


The goal of the mapping application is to tell the story of drug related crimes and conspiracies and to identify associations between criminals.  The purpose for law enforcement investigations is mitigating risk, identifying criminal activity of individuals and groups, and to develop associations between people.  The purpose for prosecutors is to help tell a jury how crimes are committed and how conspirators work together; as well as showing criminal activity occurring in Drug Free or exclusionary zones.  The purpose for leadership in law enforcement, the TMPTF, and the community and state is to help identify problem areas, drug trends, successes and failures of policies, and resource and training needs. The application promotes sharing and collaboration across federal, state and local agencies.


The TMPTF created a database, the Tennessee Meth Information System (TMIS), to begin tracking suspects, illicit purchases, lab seizures and offenders.  The database allowed Federal, State and Local public safety officials access to information to assist with the investigations and tactical planning.  With assistance from Hamilton County and True North Geographic Information Technologies, TMPTF created a web-based application that combines criminal activity, meth and drug diversion related intelligence, key locations related to these types of activities, and suspected associations between offenders on a map.  The application links to TMIS and combines feature services from the Tennessee Office for Information Resources (OIR), Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Esri, Hamilton County, and TMPTF servers.  It is accessible by Federal, State & Local agencies and is considered as a template for other applications.  The application is currently a Customized Flex viewer, but plans are underway to migrate it to the new HTML5 Web App Builder.  The TMPTF is promoting this solution to all states with a similar drug task force agencies.  TMPTF is sharing the code for the database and the web application with the State of Indiana to assist them in their efforts and other states are indeeed interested.


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