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Electric, Gas, Water and Wastewater Utilities along with Public Works/Infrastructure organizations are critical systems that affect our daily lives. True North understands the importance of these mission critical systems. Our in-depth experience and proven track record of working with Utilities and Infrastructure organizations helps to shorten implementation times while increasing operational efficiency. True North implements integrated, reliable and sustainable solutions that promote simple and efficient workflows. Our domain experience and technical expertise provide unique insight into the operational and regulatory challenges facing utilities and public works departments.


Managing a utility that provides electric, water and broadband services to a growing customer base can be challenging.  Columbia Power & Water Systems (CPWS) has successfully used GIS for decades to assist with these challenges.  Their initial implementation had served them well, but executives recognized the need to update to a modern solution.  True North conducted a Discovery Workshop with CPWS to create a roadmap to update their GIS.  Onsite stakeholder meetings revealed trends and ideas that were organized into a prioritized Action Plan.  The Action Plan outlines steps to update the GIS system architecture, transition from Desktop GIS to WebGIS, and embrace ArcGIS Solutions for Utilities all while adhering to IT and GIS best-practices.  The Plan allows CPWS to progress at a pace that balances priorities and resources.  Within weeks of the Discovery Workshop, CPWS deployed ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 and had users interacting with web apps created with Web App-Builder.  These solutions improve the users’ experience accessing critical system data and form the foundation for integrating GIS with other enterprise solutions.


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Daphne Utilities provides gas, water and wastewater services to 21,000 customers in southern Alabama.  Managers recognized a growing need to efficiently manage infrastructure, streamline workflows and simplify regulatory reporting using modern, easy-to-use technology.  Daphne Utilities selected True North to implement Cityworks AMS and Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to address these needs.  The project addressed high-priority workflows using a cost-effective approach delivering a sustainable solution. 


The project provided opportunities to implement IT and GIS best-practices to support new workflows. Many workflows originate with customer service representatives interacting with their customer information system, CNI’s UMS.  True North integrated UMS mobile work orders with Cityworks AMS, so information is exchanged between systems without duplication of effort.  GIS data is managed using ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.  ArcGIS Online provides GIS services that support their on-premises Cityworks AMS solution.  The next step is to integrate Cityworks Storeroom with a new accounting and financial system (Acumatica) to streamline inventory management.


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