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City of Cookeville
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Putnam County, Tennessee, and the City of Cookeville, Tennessee, partnered to jointly develop GIS resources and maps using ArcGIS for Local Government.


The City and County recently purchased an SGELA and SPSELA, respectively, and began replicating data between multiple sites using ArcGIS for Server. Realizing that there was a lot of duplication of effort, they began working to implement the Local Government Information Model to consolidate their data holdings and to publish a common set of basemaps using the Local Government map templates. Since completing this initial data consolidation, they have been able to deploy multiple apps from the Local Government Gallery to support utilities, public safety, and planning needs. As of today, their LGIM data has been incorporated and publishing into Esri's World Topo Service as part of the Community Maps Program.

The enterprise license agreements allowed the city and county to deploy technology more quickly across multiple physical locations, which enabled more contributors to the LGIM geodatabase. Data collection and correction can now be collaborative efforts, saving time and money for all users. Users from both jurisdictions attest to the fact that they have been able to accomplish much more over the last 12-18 months than either one did over many years previously, even though both have been Esri customers for over 10 years.



ArcGIS 10.1 for Server
ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop
Microsoft SQL Server
Esri Local Government Templates




- Putnam County 911 District
- City of Cookeville Planning & Codes Dept.
- City of Cookeville Engineering Dept.
- City of Cookeville Water Quality Department
- City of Cookeville Electric Department
- City of Cookeville Gas Department
- City of Cookeville Fire Dept.
- City of Cookeville Police Dept.
- Putnam County Assessor of Property
- Putnam County Emergency Services (Emergency Management/Fire/Rescue)
- Putnam County Planning Department

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