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Get the Most out of Your Existing Esri Investment.

True North utilizes its proven process for building an effective GIS strategic plan that helps your organization succeed.  Understanding your organization is the most important factor in the planning process. The True North team works with your organization’s stakeholders to understand how to efficiently utilize Esri geospatial technology to drive efficiencies in your business.

  • Utilization Analysis: Discussion Of How Geographic Data Fits Within Your Organization’s Information Management Strategy And It’s Current Utilization

  • Assess: GIS Architecture, Infrastructure and Data

  • Review: How Your GIS Is Managed And Maintained

  • Identify: Opportunities To Reduce Avoidable Problems

  • Identify Savings: Efficiency In Usage, Data and Staffing

  • Identify Business Strategies: Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis, How Best To Use Your Esri Investment

  • Plan: The Development Of Short-Term GIS Goals And Objectives To Improve your business

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