System Architecture & Design We audit your current hardware and software and provide assessment for future growth.

User hardware & software assessments / Network performance / Security Audits / GIS application server & storage sizing

Spatial Data Management Then we streamline your data acquisition and geodatabase administration planning.

Geodatabase design & tuning / Enterprise geodatabase administration / Data acquisition consulting

Business Intelligence Next: Integration with data for auto or on-demand reporting solutions.

GIS integration with land records / Permitting & inspections / Planning & zoning / School forecasting and redistricting / Records management systems / Automatic vehicle location / MSAG/ALI databases / Emergency notifications systems / Customer information systems / Work management software / SCADA/Telemetry

Application Development Finally: Dashboards, internet and intranet mapping sites and mobile access to data.

Common Operating Picture Dashboards / Incident analysis / Resource allocation / Facility pre-planning and inventory / Internet & intranet web mapping sites / Departmental operations dashboards / Web services design and optimization / Utility manager dashboards / Demand analysis / Customer service performance analysis / Mobile data access